hi! I'm V, a British Mexican creator. I've been involved with drawing, painting, and even photography since I was a toddler. my parents gave me a film camera at a young age and were always buying me art supplies. throughout the years I've taken art classes (mainly college) but most of the art I make now has come from simply practice and inspiration.

since 2013, I've been selling at art shows, hosting DIY events (some with Urban Outfitters), selling at small shops, and teaching watercolour classes. this has allowed me to spread my art around Orange County/San Diego and meet many other lovely artists and creators.

most of my art now varies between digital art and resin pouring, but you can still find me taking photos, painting, and drawing on the side. I even recently got back into ceramics and started a side hustle in 2021 with my sister selling jewelry. I'm pretty much always going to be creating no matter what it might be.

thank you for reading and I hope that seeing what I have done with my passion inspires you as well.

want to request a custom order? contact me here :)

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